Joe Armes

Chief Solutions Designer and Founder, Analytically Correct

Joe is the founder of Analytically Correct, a data analytics services company that provides custom business analytics solutions to small to mid-size businesses. As author of the MJ Research Report for MJ News Network he delivers market insights and forecasts of the cannabis industry to cannabis businesses. He is a corporate sponsor of the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS), Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce and Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce. He has over 15 years of corporate experience in marketing, finance, business development, strategy and supply chain management including 7 years with a Fortune 50 company where he held positions of Regional Director in Market and Competitive Analysis and Strategy and Business Development. He holds Master of Science in Finance degree with honors from Seattle University.

Cy Scott

Cofounder & Head of Product at Leafly

Cy Scott is co-founder and head of product at Leafly. Since founding Leafly in 2010, Cy has helped to grow Leafly into the world’s leading cannabis information resource. Leafly’s database of information on thousands of cannabis strains, retailers and dispensaries earns more than 4 million visits every month from medical and recreational cannabis users around the globe. Prior to joining the cannabis industry full-time, Cy served as a product manager and senior software developer at Kelley Blue Book, and also developed mobile games with Flying Tiger Entertainment and Game Square International. Along with his work at Leafly, Cy hosts a monthly Cannabis Tech Meetup for almost 500 cannabis entrepreneurs and technology developers. Cy’s favorite strain is Super Lemon Haze.

Scott Porad

CTO at Rover.com

Scott Porad is the CTO at Rover.com, a sharing economy marketplace for dog boarding. In addition, he is an owner of Do206.com, the place to find out what to do in Seattle. Previously, Scott was CTO at the Cheezburger Network, the company behind the well-known user-generated content sites I Can Has Cheezburger?, Failblog, TheDailyWh.at and Know Your Meme. Since 1995, Scott has been building industry leading web sites including launching drugstore.com, working on ESPN.com at Paul Allen's Starwave Corporation and for Seth Godin at Yoyodyne Entertainment. Scott lives online at http://scottporad.com and in real life with his family in Seattle.

Jared Mirsky

Founder and CEO of Online Marijuana Design

Jared is the Founder and CEO of Online Marijuana Design, also known as the OMD Agency. Since starting Online Marijuana Design in 2009, Jared and his team have created some of the most successful brands in the cannabis industry. Online Marijuana Design is an integrated team of designers, developers, writers and strategists. For over 6 years, he has helped cannabis businesses craft honest, emotional experiences through strategy, brand development, graphic design, web design and storytelling. Jared has been featured in NW Leaf, CNN Money, Cashinbis, The Huffington Post, Dope Magazine, High Above Seattle, MJ Business Daily, GeekWire and more. And before the cannabis boom, at age 19 Jared had started his first company, Mirsky Media, which is still thriving.


Eric Ogden

Cofounder of WeedTraQR

Cofounder, WeedTraQR – simple seed to sale traceability compliance in the I502 industry; mobile, modern and modular SaaS. Passionate about process automation with diverse expertise across multiple business functions including strategic planning, marketing, operations, sales, business development, technology development, partner relationship management, customer service, patents, insurance, and risk management. Seattle University, Albers School MBA in corporate development and macroeconomics.

Nick Hughes

Director of Business Development at Knotis

Nick is currently the Director of Business Development at Knotis, a mobile commerce startup in Seattle. He previously was co-founder and CEO of the mobile payment startup Seconds, as well as recently forming Coinme, a new company built around expanding bitcoin and digital transactions into the physical realm via Bitcoin ATM's. In addition to those projects, Nick is co-founder and host of Founders RAW, a multi-media platform focused on highlighting stories of startup founders and their companies. As a sought after entrepreneurial speaker and writer with guest appearances on popular technology and media outlets, Nick enjoys helping others discover their unique entrepreneurial path.

Brian Childs

Founding Partner, The Growth Co.

Brian Childs is a founding partner of The Growth Co., an agency that helps startups accelerate growth. Prior to The Growth Co., he was a Product Manager & Corporate Strategist for GE. Brian was also the B2B Marketing Manager for Zipcar in Washington DC (pre-IPO). Before working in business, Brian was a commercial pilot. He was the Chief Pilot for the United Nations mission in Afghanistan, led helicopter-relief operations in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir for the UN, and flew reconnaissance aircraft in Iraq for the US Army as a civilian contractor. He has an MBA from Maryland.

Josh Miller

Cofounder, Cannabis Commodities Exchange, Greene Consulting Group

After graduating from Louisiana State University, Josh joined Teach for America and taught two years in Baton Rouge, LA and also taught another year in Madrid, Spain. Witnessing the inequalities engrained in many educational systems, Josh reignited a desire to pursue a law degree. During Josh’s third year of law school at the University of Arizona, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize cannabis for adult-use. Knowing the systematic inequities also surrounding cannabis prohibition, these historic acts convinced Josh of the opportunity for legitimate business and social justice within a burgeoning legal cannabis industry. Josh co-founded the Cannabis Commodities Exchange (CCX) and the Greene Consulting Group and has gained intimate experience in the cannabis industry. With CCX, Josh and his team are servicing the cannabis industry by providing a transparent, online marketplace for legal cannabusinesses to buy and sell cannabis products at wholesale. With his team at the Greene Consulting Group, Josh has helped clients in Colorado, Washington, Illinois, and beyond to gain approval for their cannabis business licenses and the right to take part in this incredible industry.

Paul Gambill

Founder at The Happy Crate

Paul Gambill is an entrepreneur who thrives on challenge and solving significant problems. He founded The Happy Crate in 2014 to meet the educational and entertainment needs of the burgeoning legal cannabis market. Paul utilizes Agile and Lean methodologies to break down inefficient systems and get to the root cause of issues. Before founding The Happy Crate, Paul was a product manager at a Seattle consultancy primarily leading iOS development teams.

Gary Bernhardt

Creator & Destroyer of Software

Gary Bernhardt is a creator and destroyer of software compelled to understand both sides of heated software debates: Vim and Emacs; Python and Ruby; Git and Mercurial.

Aaron Smith

Principal Attorney at The Law Office of Aaron M. Smith

Aaron is a public interest lawyer based in Seattle. In the four years that he has been practicing law, he has mediated and litigated a variety of matters and is currently working on a new venture to better fund public interest litigation. A portion of Aaron’s practice focuses on helping small businesses and non-profits get off the ground and create structures that allow them to focus their attentions on creating change. Much of Aaron’s work is also devoted to community groups that seek stronger environmental protections, including chairing the board of the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, an organization that seeks to ensure that the Superfund cleanup of the Duwamish River meets community standards. Intent on finding ways to better help people interact with the justice system, Aaron recently helped to organize Seattle’s first legal-tech themed hackathon. When not cooped up in the office, you can find him chasing the fleeting NW sun by bike, boat or board.

Moe Spencer

Principal Attorney at Spencer Palace Law Office

Mike Grabham

General Manager North America, SendinBlue

Michael Grabham by nature, is a fearless leader. He is a curious start up guy that has been delivering revenue, new products and creative marketing in startup and turnaround chaos for 20+ years. He is a five time founder and is in relentless pursuit of knowing the customers better than any competitor. A “make it happen” person driving growth across multiple revenue streams while inspiring and teaching employees on how to have fun and get things done. He has managed marketing, engineering and sales staffs throughout his career. Most of all, he loves entering new cities or unfamiliar markets and forming brilliant teams full of passionate, innovative, really, really smart people; be they creative visionaries, growth-driven salespeople, intrepid strategists, meticulous operations honchos or all of the above. As Seneca once said (because he was a really, really smart guy), "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Be prepared, damn it." Not sure he said that last part. He is constantly learning from startups, helping smart people change industries, studying consumer behaviors and searching for the perfect glass of wine. He received his MBA from Seattle University and has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two cats.


Josh McBroom

Lead Organizer at GrassRoots Hackathon

A customer service veteran busy learning as much about technology and entrepreneurship as possible. Stay at home dad by day, hackathon organizer by night. Currently studying Product Management at General Assembly Seattle. Passions include cannabis, increasing efficiency, and helping connect people. Loves commas, sentence fragments; hates pronouns.

Bobby Johnson

Chief Technology Guy at GrassRoots Hackathon

Formerly with Cheezburger and Steller, currently contracting in beautiful Olympia, WA. Bobby is a passionate engineering leader with an interest in shipping quality software, building strong collaborative teams and continuous improvement of his skills, team and product. He has a passion for new technologies, open source software and the greater software development community.

Drew Stone

Organizer at GrassRoots Hackathon

Culture-hacking Collaborative Interdisciplinary Multimediaist. Small fast teams, creativity, design, games and forward-thinking culture. Booted, ENFP; wants projects, not jobs.

Allen Wills

Organizer at GrassRoots Hackathon

I'm a creative entrepreneur; collaborative renaissance guy; green-thumbed transit enthusiast. My passion comes from building communities that empower individuals to succeed. Find me at hellomynameiszen.com.

Ed Castaneda

Technology Guy at GrassRoots Hackathon

Matthew Clise

Technology Guy at GrassRoots Hackathon