May 31, 2015

Creating the New Washington Cannabis Industy Pt. 2

by Allen Wills

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Day 2 of GrassRoots Hackathon exploded into the beautiful spaces of WeWork Seattle ( Teams quickly set to obliterating every possible surface with Post-Its, while the furious click-clackity of keyboard driven brainstorms persisted throughout the day.

By the end of Day 2 four ideas were forged into budding, as friends and colleagues drifted out to the soft glow of little apples.

CannaRet (@CannaRet) – A cloud-based retail solution to improve management of inventory, sales, reporting, tracking, and compliance.


Kickback App (@KickbacktheApp) – An interactive content distribution game to change the stigmas related to cannabis consumption.


Cannabis Transparency Project (@CannaTransProj) – An open source project for harnessing I-502 data to drive industry innovation.


Pot Quiz (@pot_quiz) – A crowd-sourced consumer experience community project.