January 19, 2015

What are the benefits of sponsoring a hackathon?

by Josh McBroom

Event organizers are often asked: "What do sponsors get out of these events they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on?" It's a fair enough question - to a lot of people, the benefits to sponsoring an event like a hackathon or startup competition can be hard to spot.

The most common benefits to sponsoring a hackathon:

  • Increase your brand exposure from the joint marketing efforts of event organizers, partner sponsors, brand champions, and yourself.
  • Expand your brand's "thought leadership" within your industry by sponsoring and writing a guest blog post or having company leaders serve as coaches at the event, for example.
  • Interact with talented, smart, and passionate individuals who share interest in your industry, some of whom may be looking for employment - saving you hefty recruiting fees.
  • Network with thought leaders from your industry (and others) in the form of our industry-expert coaches, judges, and speakers, as well as fellow sponsors and company reps.
  • Encourage use of your technology by offering a prize for best use of your technology by a team, and having personnel on-hand to ease technical integration and act as brand evangelists.

It's also worth noting that hackathons are exciting and energetic events, and that energy can often spill over to the day job for attendee and sponsor alike.

Sponsorship opportunities for Seattle's first cannabis hackathon GrassRoots are available; more information can be found here.