January 13, 2015

Who Should Attend GrassRoots?

by Josh McBroom

GrassRoots is for anyone excited about the intersection of cannabis and technology. You don't need to be a veteran programmer or experienced entrepreneur to attend – you just need to be passionate about cannabis and willing to spend a weekend building and launching a company.

Because we designed GrassRoots to be more like a startup competition (like Startup Weekend or 3 Day Startup) than a “true” hackathon, we're not only allowing, but ENCOURAGING non-technically-skilled people to attend. Sure, it helps if you know how to code or are a graphic designer, but there's more to launching a startup than the product!

Below is a brief list of what might be expected of a GrassRoots attendee, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Technical skills - (in order to build the minimum viable product so the idea can be validated)
  • Design skills - (in order to make the product and presentation clear and visually-appealing)
  • People skills - (in order to talk to potential customers, and to market and sell the product)
  • Leadership skills - (in order to stay organized and get things done in a short-time frame)
  • Creativity - (in order to create new ideas and businesses that solve real problems)
  • Domain expertise - (in order to understand the problem well enough to solve it properly)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit - (in order to provide experience and show grit when things get tough)

While checking off most/all of these boxes would make you anyone's dream candidate, fitting just one is really all we're looking for! :-) If you fit one or more of these criteria, we'd love to see you at the event! If you still aren't sure if GrassRoots is right for you, please email us at support@grassrootshackathon.com with any questions!